Relator’s Counsel Sanctioned For Mishandling Privileged Documents and Barred from Acting as Counsel Against Company In Future

Posted by Amy Markopoulos and Kristin Koehler

A recent ruling in the District of Arizona serves as a reminder to defense counsel that they should be sensitive to the possibility that relators are relying on stolen privileged documents to support their claims. Should a company suspect that a relator’s case is founded on privileged documents, the company should act quickly to move for return of the privileged documents. The consequences for relator or his counsel for failing to appropriately handle privileged documents can be serious.

In Frazier v. IASIS Healthcare Corporation, No. 2:05-cv-00766 (D. Ariz. 2012), IASIS Healthcare and Relator’s counsel had engaged in a 4-year battle regarding the return of certain privileged documents that Relator had stolen when he left IASIS in 2004. The relator, Jerre Frazier, had sent these privileged documents to his lawyers, who kept most of the documents in a sealed box. Despite bearing the title “Legal Memo,” relator’s counsel did not seek the court’s opinion as to whether these documents were privileged, and “appeared to play dumb” and feigned ignorance about the documents’ location when IASIS asked for their return. As a result, IASIS moved for the return of the documents and for sanctions against Relator’s counsel.

Relator’s counsel will pay IASIS $1.4 million, representing the amount of legal fees incurred by litigating this specific issue. Counsel is also barred from representing the Relator or any other plaintiff adverse to IASIS.

Serious issues can arise for counsel when relators steal documents – defense counsel needs to be prepared to file a motion should this occur, and relator’s counsel must be careful to appropriately handle privileged documents if relator turns them over.

IASIS and Frazier settled the case in November, six years after Frazier had initially brought his complaint. The government had declined to intervene in this matter.