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Divide Deepens Over Whether Escobar Requires Specific Misrepresentations To State An Implied Certification Claim

As we reported earlier, district courts have split on whether Escobar’s so-called “two-part test” is the sole means of establishing implied certification liability under the FCA.  In Escobar, the Supreme […]

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Third Circuit Provides New Guidance on Escobar’s Materiality Requirement in Healthcare Cases

In a recent opinion, the Third Circuit provided new guidance on the application of Escobar’s ”heightened” materiality standard to cases involving healthcare entities.  The relator in United States ex rel. […]

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Ninth Circuit Addresses Impact of Escobar’s Falsity and Materiality Requirements On Existing Circuit Precedent

In Escobar, the Supreme Court held that the implied false certification theory of liability is viable under the False Claims Act when “at least two conditions” are satisfied: “[F]irst, the […]

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Recent Decisions Provide Further Guidance on Application of Escobar’s Materiality Standard

Two recent court decisions ruled in favor of relators on the issue of materiality under the standard set forth in Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar, […]

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District Court Rules that Claims Without Specific Misrepresentations Fail to Meet Escobar’s Test But Can Proceed Based on Fraudulent Inducement

In Escobar, the Supreme Court upheld implied certification claims “at least where two conditions are satisfied,” namely specific misrepresentations and noncompliance with a material requirement.  Some courts have interpreted this […]

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Recent Oral Argument Highlights the Ninth Circuit’s Continuing Struggle with Escobar

Last week’s oral argument in U.S. ex rel. Rose et al. v. Stephens Institute highlighted the Ninth Circuit’s continuing struggle with the Supreme Court’s decision in Escobar. Stephens Institute involves […]

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Ninth Circuit Asked To Clarify Scope of Falsity and Materiality Post-Escobar

In Escobar, the Supreme Court held that implied certification liability under the FCA may exist where the following two conditions are met: (1) the claim does not merely request payment, […]

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Fourth Circuit Rules that Falsity Under Escobar Does Not Require Specific Misrepresentations

Courts have focused their attention post-Escobar primarily on whether plaintiffs have met the heightened standard for pleading the violation of a material statute, regulation, or contractual requirement. Under the implied […]


Applying Escobar, Court Rejects Comparative Effectiveness and “Fraud on the Formulary” Claims

The heightened materiality standard imposed by the Supreme Court last year in Escobar continues to pose a formidable bar to relators pursuing expansive theories of FCA liability.  As we explain […]

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Analyzing FCA Materiality Defense Outcomes Under Escobar

Since the Supreme Court in Escobar stated that continued payment by the government is “very strong evidence” that the alleged violations are not “material” under the False Claims Act (“FCA”), […]