November 30, 2018

30 November 2018

DOJ Announces Important Changes to Yates Memo

In a speech delivered yesterday, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein announced important limitations to the policies regarding individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing set forth in the 2015 Yates Memo.  Under the policy announced in that Memo, summarized here, DOJ limited the ability of its lawyers to offer any cooperation credit in civil or criminal matters to those corporations that provided “all relevant facts” regarding all of the individuals involved in the alleged corporate misconduct.  Companies and counsel that have been engaged in DOJ investigations have experienced the challenges in complying with this standard and it was far from clear that DOJ itself did or even could adhere to the standard.  In his speech, Rosenstein acknowledged the challenges and that “the policy was not strictly enforced in some cases because it would have impeded resolutions and wasted resources.”  In light of those realities and a recognition that the Department’s “policies need to work in the real world of limited investigative resources,” Rosenstein announced a revised policy that “return[s] discretion to Department attorneys.”  (more…)

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