July 6, 2018

06 July 2018

Granston Memo Calls for DOJ to Dismiss More Declined Qui Tams; Courts Diverge on The Extent of DOJ’s Right to Do So

In the recently released Granston Memo, DOJ outlined its policy in favor of dismissing non-intervened qui tam suits when dismissal will advance other important government interests. [Reported on here].  While the FCA bar has been debating how much – if at all – the world of FCA enforcement will change in light of the Granston Memo, DOJ has been litigating over its right to act on the policy and dismiss declined qui tam suits.  In that regard, the statute appears straightforward:  “The Government may dismiss the action notwithstanding the objections of the person initiating the action if the person has been notified by the Government of the filing of the motion and the court has provided the person with an opportunity for a hearing on the motion.”  31 USC § 3730(c)(2)(a).  However, in the last week DOJ lost and won this issue in sharply contrasting decisions regarding the government’s right not to pursue claims.  (more…)

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