May 11, 2018

11 May 2018

DOJ Defends Use of Statistical Sampling To Prove FCA Liability

In a case in which it chose not to intervene, DOJ has stepped in to defend the relator’s attempt to use statistical sampling to prove FCA liability.  The relators allege that Select Medical Corporation, a related entity in Evansville, Indiana, and a physician violated the FCA by making medically unnecessary admissions to long term care facilities and increasing reimbursements by manipulating patients’ lengths of stay and falsifying diagnoses.  The relators contend that their claims encompass Select’s facilities nationwide, and advised the Court that they intended to propose a plan to use statistical sampling to establish FCA liability based on evaluation of a subset of medical records from facilities throughout the country.  The defendants contend that the claims should be limited to the named facility in Evansville. (more…)

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