March 9, 2018

09 March 2018

DOJ Confirms Involvement in Opioid Litigation, Sheds Light on Potential Claims

In a series of speeches over the last week, DOJ has expanded on its commitment to organize enforcement efforts focused on manufacturers and distributors of opioids.  On February 27, AG Sessions announced the DOJ Prescription Interdiction & Litigation (“PIL”) Task Force, positioning it as a means aggressively to deploy “all available criminal and civil law enforcement tools . . . with a particular focus on opioid manufacturers and distributors.”  See  In that regard, Sessions suggested DOJ will leverage its decades of experience pursuing “off label” cases under the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (“FDCA”).  Specifically, “the PIL Task Force will build on and strengthen existing Department of Justice initiatives to ensure that opioid manufacturers are marketing their products truthfully and in accordance with Food and Drug Administration rules.”  (more…)

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