June 13, 2017

13 June 2017

Fifth Circuit Affirms Defense Verdict and Dismissals of Off-Label FCA Claims

Last week, the Fifth Circuit affirmed a defense verdict and the earlier dismissal of several False Claims Act claims related to the alleged off-label use and Medicare reimbursement of medical stents.  The decision includes several significant rulings for FCA defendants, particularly in the Fifth Circuit.  First, the court affirmed the dismissal of an anti-kickback claim because the relator had “[n]o particulars [to] show that the unidentified doctors who received the ill-defined benefits caused the hospital to use Abbott stents” and thus “never link[ed] the alleged carrots to the purchase and use of the stents at either of the hospitals.”  Slip op. 6.  The need to plead details showing such a “link[]” – or causation – is important.  (more…)

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