May 5, 2016

05 May 2016

Cert Petition Asks Supreme Court to Address First-to-File Rule

This past January, we wrote about the First Circuit decision’s in United States ex rel. Gadbois v. PharMerica Corp., No. 14-2164 (1st Cir. Dec. 16, 2015), which addressed the applicability of the first-to-file bar once the first-filed case is dismissed (see here). The first-to-file bar provides that “[w]hen a person brings an action under [the FCA], no person other than the Government may intervene or bring a related action based on the facts underlying the pending action.”  31 U.S.C. § 3730(b)(5).  Although the relator, Gadbois, filed his complaint during the pendency of a related action, the unanimous panel held that settlement of the related action subsequent to the district court’s ruling cured the jurisdictional defect in Gadbois’s complaint.  Accordingly, the First Circuit remanded the case and permitted Gadbois to file a motion for leave to supplement his complaint.


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