January 12, 2016

12 January 2016

Ninth Circuit Affirms DOJ’s Right to Dismiss FCA Action Over Relator’s Objections

On December 18, 2015, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a False Claims Act (“FCA”) case against Raytheon Company based on the perceived risk by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) that litigation would risk disclosure of classified information.  In United States ex rel. Mateski v. Raytheon Co, the DOJ moved to dismiss an FCA action challenging Raytheon’s conduct in its performance under a classified government contract, over the objections of the relator, because continued litigation of the case would substantially burden government resources and risk disclosure of classified information.  Under section 3730(c)(2)(A) of the FCA, the Government may move to dismiss a FCA action notwithstanding the relator’s objections where it demonstrates that there is a rational relationship between dismissal and a valid government purpose.


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