Sidley’s Kim Dunne Talks FCA Reform in a Q&A Session with Law360

Posted by Michael D. Mann

Kimberly A. Dunne, co-chair of Sidley’s White Collar: Government Litigation and Investigations practice in Los Angeles, participated in a Q&A session with Law360 and shared some thoughts on reform of the FCA: “Where the government — for resource or other reasons — chooses to decline quickly and defer to a whistleblower the responsibility for investigating and litigating, then the whistleblower litigation is justified for all the reasons why the government encourages whistleblowers to raise alarm bells when fraud is suspected. But when the government has spent the time and energy to investigate, I think giving a whistleblower a second bite at the apple when the mere fact of litigation gives him huge leverage to extract a settlement is unfair.” Click here to read the full article (subscription required).